About Us

A cedar rail fence in Bolingbroke.

The Althorpe Bolingbroke Community Association: Who, What, Where and Why

The Althorpe Bolingbroke Community Association is an active group of volunteers working together to build a vibrant and caring neighbourhood.

Our mission is to sustain the ABC Hall as the cultural and social heart of our community by sponsoring activities which foster a spirit of friendship and a sense of belonging for all. 

ABC logoFor over 65 years, the ABCA has been bringing rural neighbours together for food, fun, exercise and entertainment.

We believe it’s a tradition worth upholding.

The heart of our community is the ABC Hall which operates entirely from revenue generated by volunteer-hosted events, hall rentals and membership dues. To paraphrase a well-known proverb, it takes many volunteers – and a variety of fundraising activities – to run a community hall.

So come out and join us … we’re easy to find and fun to be with!