Crazy Dinner

A CRAZY dinner–no better way to describe this event at the Hall on Saturday, November 25!  Over 70 diners were on hand to celebrate Jean Cooke’s 80th birthday.  While Jean regaled the crowd with stories and jokes (available in PDF), servers (mostly members of her large family) asked diners to choose from a wacky menu with items such as ‘damn jumpers’, ‘road runners’ and ‘bird feed’, not knowing what they would be getting.  (These three items were salmon, chicken wings and corn.)  Diners weren’t even guaranteed cutlery–it all depended on what selection you made.

Some guests were aware of what they were in for…but others, not so much.  No matter–everyone had a fun experience and certainly plenty of food thanks to the Cooke family and hall volunteers who provided the eats and served up the 3-option, 3-course meal.  What fun!

A special thank you to Jean’s daughter Justyna who dedicated the Sara Lee song to her mom and Hall member Rhonda Aisbitt who wrote a poem for Jean for making this a very enjoyable evening.

Jean’s family
Jean and daughter Justyna
Rhonda reading Jean a poem
Marcie attempting to eat dessert with chopsticks
Rhonda in the kitchen
A full house for Jean’s birthday
Derek looking dapper
Jean with birthday cake