Wilton Cheese Fundraiser

(updated May 27, 2017…recipes added!)

Happy Spring!  What better time than now for Wilton Cheese!

The Althorpe Bolingbroke Community Association (ABCA) bi-annual Wilton Cheese Fundraiser starts Monday, May 22, and runs through to Sunday, June 4.  A win-win for all!  You get delicious cheese in time for BBQ season and the ABCA gets a portion of the profits.

Forms are available at the hall or by downloading ABC Cheese Fundraiser Order Form (Individual) – Spring 2017.

Email your completed form to  abchallcheese@gmail.com

or call Tammy at (613) 273-8558

Orders will be accepted until noon June 4, 2017.

Your cheese order will be available for pick-up at the ABC Hall on Saturday, June 10 between 10 am and noon.

Wilton Cheese makes a great Father’s Day gift, hostess gift or to simply enjoy with fresh fruit and your beverage of choice! Perth Brewery co-owner, Jeremy Steeves, has offered up a variety pack as a prize to be drawn from all the orders,  and Dalton Rabbetts -Assistant Craft Brewer and resident foodie, has put together a beer recipe and  harmonized a Perth Brewery brew with cheese (updated).

NEW! Click here for another great recipe from Tammy Gamble.

Your support is important to ABCA.

Reminder–payment by cash or cheque only

Please contact Tammy directly at 613-273-8558 or via email abchallcheese@gmail.com